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Jesus is Lord
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We hope and pray that you will be encouraged, enlightened, and strengthened as various brothers minister God's Word from their hearts.



True Riches 8-17-14
Bro Jonathan speaks on understand the difference between the temporary riches of this world and the true unfailing riches of Jesus Christ.
True Riches -Johnathan Hernandez 8-17-1[...]
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Bondage Free 8-11-14
Bro James talks about the importance of being free from the bondage of sin in every area of our lives so that we can serve the Lord Jesus Christ without any "internal" hindrances.
Bondage Free -James Hardy 8-11-14.mp3
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The Gospel 8-10-14
Bro Jerry talks plainly the plan of Salvation and the importance of what the gospel really means and why it "must" be preached.
The Gospel -Jerry Mcreery 8-10-14.mp3
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Tithes and Offerings = Trusting and Obeying 8-3-14
Bro James talks about the origin of where tithes come from, why we (the Church) pay tithes, and how it affects our lives either for the positive or the negative should we choose to pay them or not.
Tithes and Offerings Trust and Obeying -[...]
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What are you looking at? 7-27-14
Pastor preaches on what our focus should be on and that is the Lord Jesus and what he has called us to do rather than on the negative that surrounds our daily lives.
What are you looking at -Pastor Hernande[...]
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Biblical Submission 6-29-14
Bro Jonathan explains the biblical order and purpose of "godly submission" within the family structure that has been established by God since the beginning of time.
Biblical Submission - Johnathan Hernande[...]
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Pressing Through 6-13-14
Bro David Toledo speaks about pressing through the circumstances that tries to block us from getting closer to God.
Pressing through - David Toledo 6-13-14.[...]
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Unhindered prayers 6-6-14 (English / Spanish)
Bro James talks about keeping out the negative things in our personal lives and hearts that keep us from receiving answers to our prayers. (Bilingual Sermon)
Unhindered Prayers - James Hardy 6-6-14.[...]
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Don't Worry / No Preocuparse! Jose Martinez 5-23-14
Bro Jose Martinez explains to us "Why" we should not worry and "why" we do Worry. / Hermano Martinez nos dice "por que" no debemos preocuparnos y "por eso que preocuparse.
Don't Worry -Jose Martinez 5-23-14.mp3
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Importance of our Thinking 5-18-14
Bro Jerry speaks on how the way we think can affect us negatively for the rest of our lives, if it is not conformed to the will and thought of God in line with his Word.
Importance of our thinking -Jerry McCree[...]
MP3 audio file [43.9 MB]
Birthing a Divine Purpose 5-4-14
Bro James talks about the purpose and plan God puts in us--which in it's conception is not accomplished yet but at the right moment when it has grown is released in our lives bringing glory and honor to Him alone.
Birthing a Divine Purpose -James Hardy 5[...]
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Delivered and Transferred 4-27-14
Pastor Hector Hernandez preaches on being Delivered from the bondage of Sin, transferred into the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ
Delivered and Transferred -Pastor Hernan[...]
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Recuerdate! / Remember! 4-20-14 (Spanish / English)
Pastor preaches about all the things that the Lord Jesus has done for us and how we can better serve him in our daily lives. / El Pastor predica sobre de todo que El Senor Cristo ha hecho para nosotros y como podemos servirle mejor en nuestras vidas.
Remember -Pastor Hernandez 4-20-14.mp3
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Easter Service #4: The Power of your Suffering 4-13-14
Bro Jonathan talks about the positive purpose God brings into our lives when we go through suffering and hardship.
4 The Purpose of your Suffering -Bro Joh[...]
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Easter Service #3: The power of the Cross 4-11-14 (English / Spanish)
Bro Jerry talks about the power of the Cross. (Bilingual Sermon)
3 The Power of the Cross -Bro Jesrry -4-[...]
MP3 audio file [53.4 MB]
Easter Service #2: Man of Sorrows 4-6-14
Bro James talks about the agony and betrayal Jesus went through in the Garden of Gethsemane before his Crucifixion.
2 Man of Sorrows James Hardy 4-6-14.mp3
MP3 audio file [35.7 MB]
Easter Service #1: The Triumphant entry / La Entrada Triunfal 4-4-14 (Spanish / English)
Pastor Hernandez speaks on Jesus Triumphant entry before his Crucifixion. / Pastor habla sobre de la entrada triunfal de Jesus Cristo antes su crucifixion.
1 The Triumphant Entry-Pastor Hernandez [...]
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Baptism of the Holy Ghost / El Bautizando del Espiritu Santo 3-21-14
Pastor Ron speaks of the importance of the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the necessity of it with the evidence of speaking in tongues. / Pastor Ron habla de la importancia y necesidad del bautizando del Espiritu Santo hablando del otras lenguas
Baptism of Holy Ghost Pastor Ron.mp3
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Purpose of Discipleship 3-16-14
Bro Jonathan teaches on the importance of disciplining those that are new to the faith and that those who are mature in Christ should be willing to help them in their spiritual growth.
Purpose of Discipleship Johnathan Hernan[...]
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What Keeps Us Going

Friday/Viernes Bilingual Service 7:30 P.M. Sunday English Service 10:00A.M. Espanol 12:15 2ndo y 4to Domingo 5:00 P.M.

"Estamos con gozo del Espiritu esperando la venida de nuestro Gran Dios y Salvador Jesucristo.


Seguimos con el apoyo al la Obra en Honduras dirigida por nuestro hno. Lito Navidad y en Guanajuato por nuestro hno. Moises y nuestro Hno. Jesus Velazquez y su amable esposa, hna Chila. A Dios sea la Gloria. Como tambien a "Piedra Angular", mision nueva en Torrance, CA. dirigida por nuestro hno. Juan Romero.

Oremos por estas obras.




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